Rony Blum


Dr. Blum’s postdoctoral research, intervention, and studies have dealt with transgenerational resilience in genocide survivor families, as well as preventing future genocide. Her policy work at Hebrew University-Hadassah aided in the evacuation of Israeli children and Holocaust survivors from war torn areas during the Second Lebanon War, worked with Sudanese genocide survivors, and initiated an Adopt a Granny program for Children & Orphans of the Holocaust in Israel (YESH). Her PhD in History won an award from the government of Canada and the Jacob Leib Talmon prize for the MA,& published Ghost Brothers (MQUP 2005), articles, and policy briefs. Her postdoctoral studies have been in neuropsychology, EMDR, cultural psychiatry, medical anthropology, and intergenerational family therapy.She has collaborated with the Parliamentary Holocaust Survivor Network & Holocaust Survivor Rights in Israel, is a member of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, the Global Forum on Anti-Semitism (Min. for Foreign Affairs), a Genocide Prevention Team, and on the Coalition for DarfurRefugees in Israel. Dr. Blum has also worked on research projects suchas: Quality of Care project for Israeli hospitals (Ministry of Health& Hadassah) and contributed to mental health evaluation and services studies (Ministry of Health, Falk Institute for Mental Health & Behavioral Studies, Association for Psychiatric Services) that recommended that survivors in psychiatric wards be released in the community, seconded by ambulatory services.

Role in the Study: 

Having synthesized a multilevel macro-micro methodology thatspecifically examines, yet distinguishes between, the intersectionof cultural-anthropological and historical biographical/narrativeimpacts upon clinical outcomes. This analysis of survivor testimonies, plusher familiarity with relevant networks, health services/systems, & public policies, will help contextualize treatment, & specify the context of the survivors’ predicament.