Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Ph.D.


Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber is the head of the Sigmund Freud Institute (SFI). The Sigmund Freud Institute is located in Frankfurt, Germany and is the home of not only many active researchers but the nexus of many talks and discussions on current topics of interest to the psychoanalytical community at large. The institute was founded in 1960 in recognition of the important need for an institute to foster social research. The participation of the SFI in our project has great and exciting potential. SFI has a large staff of psychoanalysts who are primarily doing research. SFI also has an outpatient clinic, but has recently put great emphasis on research and addressing the important contemporary issues facing psychoanalysis. The clinical and social-psychological research of the Institute is supplemented by specific offers of supervision, consultation and crisis assistance for groups and organizations as well as by symposiums for participants from a variety of different fields. The SFI prides itself on reacting to and recognizing a modern increased demand for different social, cultural and political mechanisms and organizations, and it encourages a creative, innovative approach to age-old questions in psychoanalysis.


Role in the Study: 

Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber has agreed to help facilitate the participation of her institute in our research project. She is eager and excited to join the project and will be reviewing video copies of the testimonies. Dr. Leuzinger-Bohleber is a very involved and prolific researcher herself. She is the author of Outcomes of Psychoanalytic Treatment: Perspectives for Therapist and Researchers and she is a frequent speaker and lecturer not only at SFI but across Europe. Her ability to foster transatlantic interest in the project in the research community will certainly be quite helpful.