Ilany Kogan


Ilany Kogan, M.A., born 1946. Training analyst at the Israel Psychoanalytic Society. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Fritz-Bauer Institut for Holocaust Studies, Frankfurt, Germany. Clinical supervisor at the Department of Children and Adolescents, Eppendorf Hospital, Hamburg, Germany, and supervisor of candidates and members of the MAP , Munich, Germany. Supervisor of the Psychotherapy Centre for the Child and Adolescent, Bucharest, Romania. Teacher and supervisor at the IPA Psychoanalytic Group, Istanbul, Turkey.

For many years worked extensively with Holocaust survivors’ offspring, and published a book entitled The Cry of Mute Children - A Psychoanalytic Perspective of the Second Generation of the Holocaust, Free Association Books: London and New York (1995). The book has also been published in German by Fischer Verlag: Frankfurt (1998); in Romanian by Editura Trei: Bucharest (2001); in French by Delachaux et Niestle: Geneva and Paris (2001); in Croatian by antiBARBARUS.

Ilany has recently published two books: Escape from Selfhood - Breaking Boundaries and Craving for Oneness, London: IPA Publications (2007) and The Struggle Against Mourning, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, (2007).